Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin and cryptotraffic is currently hard to monetize. Platforms where a cryptocurrency can only be purchased offer low commissions.

Very high commissions, however, offer CFD / FX brokers. With these, the users do not buy the currency, but you set how the value of the currency changes (similar to a bet). If the users are right, they can get back a multiple of the capital invested.

Experience has shown that it is important for users to participate in increasing the value of cryptocurrencies. Whether this is done through the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies, or through CFD / FX brokers, is usually irrelevant.

Bitcoin & crypto affiliate programs

AVA Trade is one of the largest brokers for crypto currencies worldwide. In addition to bitcoins, AVA Trade also offers trading in Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Bitcoin Mini and Litecoin. AVA Trade is very popular with end customers due to low fees. For trading professionals, the broker offers a wide range of forex and CFD products in addition to crypto trading.

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