2 main paid traffic sources I use are Udimi Solo Ads and Traffic for me

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2 main paid traffic sources I use are Udimi Solo Ads and Traffic for me

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37 thoughts on “2 main paid traffic sources I use are Udimi Solo Ads and Traffic for me

  1. You inspired me to go through with solo ads. I’m currently doing CPA via Bing ads but I’m seeing a negative ROI. Any suggestions on solo ads as far as subject lines and how to improve open rate? thanks in advance

    1. Solo ads are emails sent out by someone to their email lists with your link or product you promoting placed in their email..you pay for the amount of clicks people click on your link in email.

    1. Victoria Kenny try this they have a click tracker and great reviews. I have searched hard for good traffic wanted to share this with as many as i can. A company that tracks the clicks for you shows alot of confidence in delivering true results. http://viraltrafficoutbreak.com/aff/33744

      Check that link out and let me know what you think!

    2. Hey Jonathon, Thanks for the tip. I will try this site out very soon and let you know. Thanks again. Take Care ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Good stop being scammed!! Use the link in my last msg & start seeing real traffic. Its way to frustrating trying tons & tons of scams, trust me I know. God bless & I know this traffic will work for just like it has for many others. Have a great day & if you need any other help or are looking for a real system to make money I’ll be happy to help!!

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    1. building your email list and then emailing your videos to your list. and share your vids across all social media platforms. and also answer specific ?? on your youtube videos about what it is you are doing

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  3. Don’t be afraid to try Udimi. I’ve gotten some sales from there. Lots of leads from the top vendors. Just try and write your own email swipe. Brand yourself (by writing your own email swipe) so you can give yourself the opportunity to get more leads. Start w/ 100 clicks. Then once you find someone you like. Scale up.

    1. Also. Once your Solo Ad is done. Go into your email list. Check the new emails that were added to your list. Send an email. If you got a lot of bounced emails. Then you know that vendor provided gave you bad clicks. Track your clicks to make sure they were hopefully Top Tier Clicks. However, for the most part Udimi has been pretty good.

  4. So, on Udimi if I’m going to be direct linking without my own ad text, is it better to use a capture page or the actual opportunity page? I would assume these leads have already seen a capture page.

  5. Thanks Rob, This was very helpful.

    Udimi is good place. Also, my network and I have been using AmitSoloAds. Their transparency, quality is commendable.

    Infact they offer 25% commission on every order and that has helped me to get better fruits than udimi. I make lot higher from AmitSoloAds, than udimi.

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