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Hello everybody,

today I would like to share with you my personal experiences in build a downline.

Find out how I got a downline with over 4.000 firstliners!

get referrals

I am only talking about affiliate offers that I have tested myself.
And first of all: I tested, tried and rejected a lot ...

If you have any questions, use the comment box below.
You can save yourself this time and the money you need if you have read the entire article ... Enjoy!

This text contains affiliate links. If you like the respective offer or product, feel free to test it yourself. If you use my affiliate link, thank you in advance. For this you will receive an attractive reward from me, more below ...

P.S. English is not my native language, so forgive me for any grammatical errors. Many thanks to Google Translate 🙂

 Tip: With google translate you can translate copywriters into about 100 different languages. 

I am daniel and I got to know the joy of sales 30 years ago.

But how did you set up a downline 30 years ago?

building a downline
building a downline

For the younger ones among us: In 1990 there was no Facebook, no Internet, no blogs, no Internet Marketing ...!

But sales still worked, just differently than today.

But where there is light, there is also shade. Of course there were also many who tried it and failed.
Of course, not every athlete comes into the champions league.

My first lesson in build downline:

Always keep your goal in mind. Yes, take a picture of it and hang it on the wall or use it as a screen saver.
So you will always be reminded of why you are doing it. And in difficult moments, when you want to throw everything in the corner, you can motivate yourself again at your goal.


The road to success doesn't work like an elevator. But it is often a long way with many setbacks.
Just think of Thomas Edison. It took years for the light bulb to shine. Despite many defeats, he never gave up!
You will have more setbacks than successes. This is absolutely ok and totally normal.

Build downline 24 hours worldwide

To build a downline, you need patience, continuous work and the right techniques. This is still the same as before.
But the possibilities are much greater today.
Thanks to the Internet, you can reach people around the world 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, and get them excited about your team!
Everything you need is just a click away. Many online marketing tools are free or available for little money.

Important things for build a downline online

To build a downline with over 4000 firstliners, you need a few things. You need these things: a domain, hosting provider for wordpress, plugins and an affiliate program.


For the beginning you can order a domain from the hosting provider. They often have cheap entry-level offers. If you want to build your online marketing professionally and broadly, you need many good domains.


Domain Cost Club works like any other registrar. DCC differ from other registrars is that he sell domains at-cost to the Club Members. Whether you have many domains or just a few, Domain Cost Club has a Club Membership option for you! DCC has domains for just $ 0.99 a year!

 Tip: Use a separate domain for each project. 


Hosting providers are like sand by the sea. Many have very cheap offers. I've tested a lot in the past few years. I can recommend this and use it myself:

  • A2Hosting: Starting at $2,99/monthly, up to 20x faster web hosting
  • Bluehost: WordPress start $2,95/month (WordPress recommends Bluehost)
  • Hostinger: Plans from $0,99/month


WordPress is a free content management system. WordPress is the most widely used system for operating websites. You learn very quickly how it works. There are a lot of videos about it.

There are thousands of themes for almost every need. Many of them are free. For little money you can find very attractive offers here on envato market:

Plugins for build downlines online

Plugins are useful helpers for many applications. With these plugins I built over 4,000 firstliners. For building a downline website I can recommend this:

Your affiliate links

There are also people on the internet who do not allow themselves a small success. You don't click on your affiliate links, but go directly to the provider's website. You don't get a commission with it. But the product price for the customer is the same. This is a shame, but that's the way it is.

 tip: Always use a plugin for your affiliate links! 

You can use plugins to hide your affiliate links and change your destination at any time at a central location! You can see the number of clicks on your affiliate links at any time. There is a free version and an upgrade. The free version is usually sufficient.

I use these plugins:

Content, Content, Content...

Google loves fresh content. There is a good placement and a lot of free traffic. With my pages I get over 87% traffic from organic searches:google organic search

How do you always get new content for your offer?

You can write content yourself, this is ideal.
You can also have content written. There are many providers on the Internet for this. And there are plugins that always provide your website with fresh content. Other plugins regularly rewrite your articles so that the crwaler regularly find new articles with you.

Here are my recommendations:

WP Automatic

It can import from prominent websites like Youtube and also Twitter utilizing their APIs or from nearly any internet site of your option utilizing its scraping components. The plugin can search ezinearticles.com for your defined keyword phrases & post high quality matched posts on auto-pilot.

WordPress Automatic Plugin blog posts from nearly any type of web site to WordPress immediately.

wp automatic plugin

You can establish the plugin to include custom fields to the uploaded articles immediately these fields can contain any type of information from the post included like title, author, content, photo, rate, score. and so on. The plugin has been sold over 18,359 times!

Spin Rewriter

If you would like to advertise your offer on many different sites, your article should always be different (unique content). If you want to offer your offer in many regions and have it displayed locally by google, you need many pages with the regional reference in the text and the regional url.
If you have no ideas and you need unique items for a niche product, then take a look at SpinRewriter! The plugin helps you here!


Let content write. For example, you can find many helpers on fiverr. You can also read their reviews in advance. For a landing page of a clickbank product, I had a video with my text spoken by a "doctor". This was very quick and was really cool. Would you like to have a look? 🙂 Here is the landing page.

You can install such lp's in every wp blog with the free WP plugin "Landing Page Builder" from PluginOps



Your affiliate program, your downline

For which sales do you want to build a downline? Which product do you want to market? No matter! You can use the tips to make a profit for every project! I myself have now built up a lot of income streams. Most of them now run on autopilot. Was it easy? No of course not. You have to keep learning and training. I hope I have shown you a few shortcuts in my post.
Good luck in your business!

Oh yes, here is the proof. With such techniques and tools you can   get over 4,000 firstliners ... in a short time!


Do you like an offer or program on these pages?

Then please order them via my affiliate link.
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As a thank you I send you traffic to your affiliate link and take you to my URL rotator!

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