Coinbase – How To Avoid Paying Fees When Withdrawing

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Coinbase – How To Avoid Paying Fees When Withdrawing

In this video I will show you how to avoid paying fees when you want to withdraw your Bitcoin out of Coinbase. I hope that this short video will save you some money whenever you use Coinbase to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. If you are not familiar with Coinbase and need help getting it setup or just a more detailed explanation I will include a video above this description that will walk you through it..

I recommend Coinbase for buying Bitcoin as it is very easy to use and you can buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card.


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43 thoughts on “Coinbase – How To Avoid Paying Fees When Withdrawing

    1. The real problem is that you have to wait a few days to avoid the fee and btc can go up and the Alt coins you want to buy could also go up during that time. ??

    1. If you are going to store larger amounts of Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency I would recommend a cold storage device like Ledger Hard Wallet.

    1. How fast will the limit order process a $100 deposit like the one in the video? If it’s far from the top of the orders it takes really long, right?

  1. Man, thanks so much for showing me that trick!!!! I was looking for a way to do limit orders in Coinbase and couldn’t seem to find the option. GDAX has the option sitting right there in plain sight!

  2. You can even avoid the first fee by sending USD from coinbase to Gdax, and then use a limit order to buy your BTC.

    1. If I deposit funds on my USD wallet on CoinBase instead of just purchasing Bitcoin in CoinBase, do I really avoid fees at all???

    2. No, your pay fees from the Coinbase site. You need to transfer your funds to GDAX. It’s the same company. Also, you have to submit a limit order on GDAX, and it can’t be picked up right away. Look it up. Then you can transfer your BTC, LTC, or ETH back or to your Coinbase wallets. No transfer fee between the two ever, and it’s instant. Plenty of stuff on Youtube about it. Good luck!

    3. If you link a Bank account to coinbase and don’t mind waiting 10 days for the funds to be transferred , you can avoid the credit card fee.Then use GDAX to buy with limit orders and withdraw to external wallet all with no fees.

  3. Wow! From one Coinbase wallet to another Coinbase wallet (GDAX) then to yet another wallet (EXODUS) ! Is anyone safer than the other? If so. WHY ?

    1. Chris Cormier
      Coin base and gdax regulate what u buy with the coins and can freeze / sieze ur funds.. just buy the coins and move them

  4. Great video… my I ask can I withdraw like u did but go direct to hard wallet like ledger….is there a reason to use xodus if you intend hard wallet as final destination,,,I as as I see people say ledger works with certain other wallets and I am confused as to why u would need other wallets as ledger is your wallet ,,thank you

  5. Disregard, all good! We pending section. Feel dumb, lol But, Thanks! Video was so on point!
    Thank you, for doing it for all us newbies lol πŸ™‚

  6. Nice video, but missing the MOST important part. How do I then turn those bitcoins back into USD and withdraw them to my bank account?

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