Genesis Mining X11Cryptocurrency Farm Build Out

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Here’s a short clip from one of our most recent X11 build outs. Major cryptocurrencies like Dash, Ethereum and many more are mined through the X11 algorithm.

Our interface also is able to use BTC (AUTO) which will mine the most profitable X11 coins at the time and convert them to Bitcoin automatically.

We believe in constant innovation and doing everything in our power to provide value to the 100.000+ users we serve daily.

To enable X11 mining, please visit:

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29 thoughts on “Genesis Mining X11Cryptocurrency Farm Build Out

  1. Videocards are out of date, comsume to much power and have low hashrate.

    Todays modern and best bitcoin mining hardware are ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuit) miners. These ASIC machines mine at unprevedented speeds while consuming much less power than FPGA mining rigs!

    1. +Wayne Thalphomar These are for X11 mining, not SHA-256 or Scrypt mining. There does not seem to be any ASIC for X11

    2. +jeffsupersaiyan asic miners mine only sha-256 (so bitcoin) but is true that there are even different miners which don’t use sha 256 but scrypt and so they mine dogecoin litecoin etc

    3. Cryptonote currencies do not allow ASIC, so based on what currency you are mining you will be either using GPU’s or ASIC’s

    1. I don’t care what I can use or what cards is better dude, I want to know the exact model they are using IN THE VIDEO.

    1. +Arma 3 play and tutorial How is it not? Go read up on the topic. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are mostly defined as commodities by country laws.

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