How i send solo ad traffic to my site using udimi

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18 thoughts on “How i send solo ad traffic to my site using udimi

  1. Hi

    I am trying to run a solo ads on udimi. I have never run a solo. I have tried to buy 2 solo’s, both were rejected (no reasons given?) I have no feedback, is this why I got rejected? Suggestions?

    I really like your suggestion of buying solos from 4 different vendors, but I can’t even get out out of the gate?


  2. thank you for sharing. by the way  for example i bought  100 clicks and paid 48$ for it 
    and optin 40 leads. does it guarantee to make sales? and this is so expensive.

  3. Hi Sarah, thanks for sharing i join Udimi Nov23/2015 i was searching to find out how solo Ad work i’m a Newbie to solo i always buy leads thanks again i’m very grateful .
    i was not sure the $29 fee was worth been a member now i know

  4. Awesome solo ad tips Sarah! I got a question,I’m looking to buy some reliable software to track my clicks…what do you suggest?

  5. I Sarah, great info for me to bare in mind as I am a new comer and have no idea of what I am doing. Thanks

  6. Thanks so much Sarah! I registered with Udimi :). Will probably be purchasing solo ads this week

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