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I got started with internet marketing 2-3 years ago.

I tried this traffic source back then.

And as I was just starting out I didn’t have the guts to buy that many clicks.

You can probably deduce that I didn’t make many sales.

That’s right.

I didn’t.

So I stopped using this traffic source.

Now years later I’ve been getting sales from those leads I got back then.

So I tried it again (with bigger balls) and now the traffic just converts like crazy.

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4 thoughts on “Udimi Explainer

  1. Udimi is the BEST! I have done really well with their solo ads and the sellers on there are pretty good with keeping in contact and delivering results. Its also nice to see ratings on the sellers too and to see what other peoples results are like. Most sellers I use almost always over deliver which is awesome. If you are considering using solo ads this is definitely the place to go, if you do use them here is a $5 off discount so you can get the ball rolling and start getting your sales and leads http://bit.ly/2kEJJyR-udimi-discount ( if you need help using the site you can also reach out to me and ill help where i can ) Good Luck! You can also check out http://www.udimireview.com

  2. Very helpful. Udimi is a great place to buy and sell advertising. They offer commissions for affiliates. You will get high quality clicks at affordable prices for this niche.

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