My visit Inside Genesis Mining

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I got to check out one of the secret Genesis Mining facilities in Iceland. Mia Molnar took me on a tour INSIDE one of the data centers. I got to see for my self their GPUs at work!

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46 thoughts on “My visit Inside Genesis Mining

    1. THEY ARE BACK ONLINE !!!! Hey guys would be awesome if some1 could use my promo code ” 3C8N9M ”
      thank you =)

    1. Use #Promocode “U1L6r2″at #GenesisMining , get 3% . I’ll send extra 1% BTC to your BTC address Email your info ( BTC address ) to , please introduce yourself and tell me how many THSs you get . I will do immediately.

    2. I can not whine.that can help if we do not mind……4d00e37e-a4e5-415b-828e-dd1a02b18f9f………..A few dollars will help

  1. In this video all we saw was your face. Next time try to keep the camera towards what you’re trying to show your viewers.

    1. They’re not interested I’m afraid. Maybe you’ll think twice now about investing in cloud mining scams! You’ll make more buying and holding

  2. Everybody here saying it’s a scam and can’t find one comment explaining or providing a link why it is… Nice atmosphere

    1. Trunks9000 that’s because the only word they know how to say is SCAM. Nothing else. it’s like a trend or something lol

    1. I can not whine.that can help if we do not mind……4d00e37e-a4e5-415b-828e-dd1a02b18f9f………..A few dollars will help

  3. hey @boxmining great video! been a fan for sometime and your channel has grown so much! keep up the great work my friend. quick question for you, I noticed you are using an dji osmo mobile what microphone do you use with it? I currently own one also but I need to find a mic that will work with it since it covers the iPhone headphone port. Thanks in advance!

    1. You have to Jam it in very forcefully (galaxy s7+ phone). you can also use a separate recording device and sync the audio. its a huge pain …

  4. Very cool video, thanks for showing!. It gives me goosebumps every time I see how bitcoins are produced & the whole tech & idea behind it, it is just genius. Just a shame how it’s becoming useless over time due to high fees & confirmation times. It breaks my heart…

    1. This is a legit bitcoin profit website , I have made lot of profit from it , its 100% safe and secured.

    2. dobe4ever those high fees are jacking up the price and it鈥檚 never going to stop unless people stop trading it, which won鈥檛 happen

    1. And I am trying to sell my sapphire rx570 to these mining numptees for high price nobody interested in my country

    2. I can not whine.that can help if we do not mind……4d00e37e-a4e5-415b-828e-dd1a02b18f9f………..A few dollars will help

  5. Because of those miners, graphic cards are incredible expensive for consumers on the market. Thanks a lot

    1. I partially agree with you. Yes, AMD has smell the money they can make with miners. Yet, miners are probably one of the most when not even the most interesting customer on the market. They have money and buy a huge amount of graphic cards at once. Understanding the economics is today pretty simple … it’s all about money and this is the only thing that matters. I’ve already agreed with that situation and therefore understand the very deep basics of economics … it’s money 馃槈

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