LeadsLeap Review

LeadsLeap helps you to generate traffic and leads.

The different options are:leadsleap

  • viral leads building
  • advertising
  • search engine traffic and
  • giving you tools to convert your traffic into leads


I have been a member of LeadsLeap.com and have always been impressed with all the values that it offers to its members, even for free members.

Now LeadsLeap reinvents itself into a revenue-sharing advertising and leads building system.

The best has just got better.

I know what you are thinking. Revenue sharing huh? Buy some Ad Packs and get some profits in return?

No, no!

No purchase needed. This is a REAL revenue-sharing system.

The system is completely revolutionary!

What I really like most is its innovative 'timer-free' ad viewer and its 'Real Visit' tracking system. I can be assured that the traffic that I receive from the system are real visitors and I know how long they surf on my ad!

This is a system with lots of potential. Check it out.

Leads Leap can be a website which can help you to generate leads

.. to you and sending traffic. This site's objective is to assist you
Send visitors for your website.
Show one to distinct facets of online advertising.
Engagement in sales sharing tasks.
Usage of this selection of tools that will assist you develop a thriving business enterprise. Leads Leap 2.0 Scam Inspection.

Leads Leap started within an automobile surfing site and was started in 2008, and it's released its version with rewards and increased chances to its associates. I will provide a insight with this site to you.

LeadsLeap How to Make Money Online

It's a text link advertisements exchange platform for Internet entrepreneurs at the 'make money online' niche. You get visitors that are real, and also can promote your websites, affiliate links and apps. I'm a Pro member, so that I cover the $27 per month to have my own ads running on autopilot. This is a small price to pay for that peace of mind of having non stop leads and traffic. And also the commissions that I earn each month out of referrals, a lot more than pays for my membership. With the upgrade to 2.0, they will have introduced a traffic swap so that you may earn credits (clicks) by clicking on other members' advertising. They offer free ads (free of charge members) and Pro ads for Pro members that get yourself a good deal more exposure than complimentary member adverts.

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One thought on “LeadsLeap Review

  1. Leads Leap is worth joining! I have found it to be very good for receiving traffic and they have so much to offer you as a free member. I have enjoyed my time being a member but I do feel you will earn more if you have a website to place the widget on, so if you are interested in building your own website Click Here to see how I built this site. Remember LL is 100% free to join and you will never be obligated to spend any money.

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